We see this question all over message boards, so we decided to create a place for those with questions to find answers.

“I was curious how spray-on bed liner material such as ArmorThane’s ArmorLiner would work for the bottom of a kayak.”

Talk to the people who spray-lined your truck if they would be willing to spray that kayak you bought on Facebook marketplace for a few bucks. To prevent excess heat, go with a white liner and ask for a rough texture. 

Were going to be talking about how to pick out the best truck bedliner material for you. With over a dozen distinct truck bedliners for kayaks and canoes built to work with the broad range of kayak types, we found ArmorLiner is the perfect liner material for this type of application. It’s the toughest, most aggressive, most economical, and most well-made material on the market today.

ArmorThane is the leader in bed liners throughout the world today. 

Kayaks provide many creative possibilities for customization.

These customizations include:

-Attaching the cross member to the sideboards

Drill a hole through the sideboards for endless amounts of attachments.

-Custom spray jobs

-Apply bedliner to the bottom or throughout the entire kayak for full protection.

Other customizations you can use bedliner material for regarding your kayak include:

-A simple bedliner lined kayak ladder for your pickup truck

-Attach the long sideboards to your legs at the top

-Spray the bedliner: If your truck has been damaged, protecting its truck bed is an important step to maintaining it or restoring it.

-Spray some bedliner material to increase traction

-Spray your seating for customized ultimate comfort protected seating.

-To prevent any leakages, spray line the kayak to seal the kayak. 

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