Is This $11,000 Kayak Worth The Hefty Price Tag?

You Decide….

Eric Jackson is a four-time world champion in freestyle kayaking as well as a multiple-time Olympian. His latest hobby is to reinvent the kayak to be the ideal fishing vessel. He has come up with the Apex Watercraft Tyre.

It was a community effort, according to the legend that the Tyr was developed by Jackson with the assistance of legendary stand-up paddleboarders Bob Blair and Russ Emanis who managed the program of composites in Lockheed Martin for the F-22 jet. The result: a gorgeous design of engineering for kayaking. It’s like the Porsche of fishing kayaks, or if I are looking to. Jackson created waves in the fishing kayak industry by introducing models from his company named after him, Jackson Kayaks. This is the only model offered by the new venture, Apex Watercraft. “I still have stock in Jackson however I’m not in charge of the business. I created Apex as I was looking to create a light carbon fiber kayak and challenge the limits of performance in a variety of aspects that the plastic makers could not do using plastic in the first place. There are 37 companies that make plastic fishing kayaks with rotomolded design available. Only one is producing carbon fiber ones with a .”

Jackson formed an expert group that included Russ Omanis, who led the Lockheed Martin R+D and manufactured the F-22 Rapture fighter jet with carbon fiber and infusion processes – to create Apex kayaks for his state of Tennessee in a new facility entirely independent of the Jackson manufacturing facility.

“Having a boat that is light lets you do so much,” says Jackson. “For instance, I recently caught at the KBF Super Trail Tournament on Lake Wheeler, and I would have been a winner but the technical foul. I was penalized by 2 inches for two fish who had their mouths open (in the scoring photos required). Other than that, I had the largest 10 fish. I caught around 50 fish in a single day on the same section of the creek in which John Cox won the FLW Cup several years ago however, I was fishing around 8 miles further upstream than the spot where he won. .”

Cox smiled at the thought, “I’m so far up the creek that it doesn’t appear in the maps as blue.” The author of this story was able to follow Cox through the creek and I can tell you that it reached a point at which kayaks would be needed to go much farther. Cox did more using an aluminum boat than any other person on the scene could using fiberglass counterparts. Jackson was able to utilize an alternative to paddles of the now famous Cox approach to far exceed the feats his rivals could achieve on heavier craft, kayaks no less.

Jackson states, “In a 2.4-mile section of the creek I had to carry myself over and around trees around 50 times. The creek was clogged by tornado trees and other debris all the way. There was often not enough liquid to paddle the kayak. It was catch, catch and catch all the way. The fish never get taken for fishing.

“It was awesome. This boat made it possible. This would’ve made it difficult to carry the plastic boat .”

It is commonly stated that dogs look like their owners, and good teams mirror the character and character of the coaches. Eric Jackson’s size isn’t too imposing, but he’s robustly built, strong and without dead weight. His Apex Tyr follows this elegant and highly functional design.

At 40 pounds and 40 pounds, the Apex is all it takes is a piece of water in order to flot. Everything else is minimal, with the exception of the cost and the price will be discussed in a moment. When you think of the craft, the one word that comes to thoughts is ‘clean.. It is a clean, minimalist layout that’s easy to store for bass anglers who carry numerous rods and bags of equipment.

With his previous experience, Jackson is more comfortable paddling than pedaling. And Jackson has created a boat which reflects that, with no receiver or hole to drive. There aren’t any holes on this smooth, flat bottom Tyr. There aren’t any scupper holes. The design of the boat lets water from the back of the boat, meaning there’s no need to use the holes for scuppers. This is a key element that makes it swift and quiet.

A mounting plate in the back will be able to be able to accommodate the Power-Pole Micro or a Torqeedo electric motor for those wanting to travel very far extremely quick. “If I’m looking to fish on an in an open lake and I have the Torqeedo 1103, which is three horsepower electrical motor in it will drive at 7 and a half miles per hour. If you place it on an Hobie or Jackson it’ll be able to run about 4-and-a-half miles per hour. I can cross the lake quicker than anyone else. .”

For graphs and other graphs, “You can flush mount electronics onto the dash. Electronics in a kayak tend to be in your way, towards the side or in between your legs. This means that everything is caught on. Our dashboard takes them out of sight and makes it easy to .”

Since it is a carbon-fiber craft owners do not require or want to drill holes for mounting electronic components above. “The boat is already with everything you need and if you’re drillingholes, you’re not operating the boat properly,” notes Jackson of the mostly custom-built watercraft which will also be manufactured in greater quantities to satisfy the needs of an expanding dealer network.

“You can use the Ram Mount you want on there. There’s nothing you’ve seen yet and we finally worked out which place to put your beer.” Jackson laughs. Jackson. “I was very anxious about getting our beer holder just right. There is an additional accessory known as”the Beer Buddy, and we have a swivel chair that is, and the swivel seating is a complete game changer on its own. However, you have to raise the seat and place the Beer Buddy on the seat pole. It will stick out, either directly between your legs, in the front of you or can turn 360 degrees wherever you like to remain. The stainless-steel elements that are positioned behind the swivel chair in order that any additional gear can be attached or shackled onto the deck. There are multiple inserts that you can place on if you need to .”

In order to keep the Apex’s profile low Apex is designed to keep a low profile. Apex maintains additional fishing rods waiting in an horizontal direction instead of the vertical style where many anglers carry four or more rods that wave and signal their intentions to the elusive shallow-water fish. “That may look cool but I’m not going to deal with this ever,” says Jackson. “You’re standing up and trying to get your head around behind you. That’s the last place you’d like to see them. If you cast , you’ll take the rod in and reverselash the rod, then you’re done with it . . . However.” Jackson’s displeasure with the traditional method of storage of rods vertically for kayak fishing is common for bass boaters that transition to smaller boats. This is a relic that comes from saltwater, in which kayak tournaments were the first to be developed prior to being adapted to bass fishing. It’s time for anglers competing in kayak bass tournaments to get their bearings and place the rods horizontally like we have always done. So, it could be my most favorite aspect in the Tyr. The Apex, “Rod holders are in a parallel line with the seat and facing backwards within the boat. It is possible to put three or four rods on one side. It’s much better to place two rods on each side and then, for the ones that you’re using, lay them in the forward position on the dashboard. If you examine the angles and the depth of the car’s dashboard, then the rods will lay perfectly on top of that. Very open. It’s super easy to access .”

Storage is plentiful and easily accessible from the high-poised seat, which can be swiveled to give an entire mobility throughout the boat. “That pedestal opens up at the front to allow storage of tackle beneath the seat. To the rear of the seat, there is an area with a few paracords to hold a tiny dry container, possibly your wallet, phone or whatever else you want to keep in the .”

The main storage area is found under the hood of the vehicle. It is secured by a an extremely quiet magnet system that permits easy opening with one hand. “The hatch is used to house electronic components and can be opened to the whole front door for storage. It’s big,” says Jackson.

For aiding in positioning boats, Jackson invented a thing. “We are using two additional 420 inserts that fit on the gunnel to place an Ram ball or something else is needed, but we’re using them for the first time a brand new invention I developed known as the Side Kick. It’s an electronic floating control paddling mechanism. Drop your paddle into and your blade is lowered into the water and slows your drift down by approximately 50%. Additionally, you can swivel the blade to assist control what direction your drift will take. .”

A Side Kick will be an important addition since Jackson acknowledges that because of its light weight Apex, it is Apex is more prone to being blown about in the winds. The boat’s low-profile will assist in this, however it is also a good idea to have an anchor that is shallow and, like the Side Kick is able to be attached on the back using existing inserts. In contrast in the thin areas of water further away from the creeks, where Jackson likes to go the wind is less of an issue at least initially. Additionally, course correction is more efficient, less difficult and more peaceful in the bantamweight contest. “If you’re on a large vessel and you hit the wind it, it’s likely to take longer to get it moving (back to its original position) However, on the other hand when you’re taking every step each movement requires less effort to straighten and position yourself, or to position yourself on a boat that is lighter.

“The breeze is going to blow in any direction.”

Jackson has also hinted at an additional accessory that’s coming in the form of the Tailgate that closes off the rear end of the cockpit, which is normally open for those who are concerned with following waves or loading their boat before dragging it out to launch, and don’t want things rolling out of the back.

He also described the different options for fins that impact tracking, particularly beneficial for fishing off-shore. They are constructed of carbon cork. So when you lose one you won’t be lost.

The cosmetics on the Apex are stunning. The brightness and depth of the shiny finish is comparable to the beauty of any large bass boat. The ultra-durable topcoat also helps protect the surface. “We have developed a special coating that has never been utilized in composites prior to. My head molder has figured out how to mold this coating. It’s similar to the polyurea coating that’s the same product you’d use for truck bedliners. It’s a super-strong material, but it’s a clear coating. It appears perfectly transparent. It is clear to see carbon come through. It’s similar to glass. It’s extremely resistant to abrasion. Similar to the boat I have, it’s walking it through the woods, and over logs. Keep in mind that the boat is extremely lightweight, so if you don’t have it loaded up to the max it’s not much burden on it. No biggie.”

It is possible to wrap the boat however you’d like. “The wrap template has been created, and our wrap specialist can design a custom wrap with the colors you’d like with your name or whatever you’d like on the vessel, and it’s included in the package. It’s quite sweet. If you go online, you’ll find my latest version. It features checkers as well as my name. We have an eagle with a bald head. Our the camo .”

The best boat comes with a higher price tag. It is possible that you will require financing. Seriously. “I’m offering $11,000 boat sales and people are purchasing them. This isn’t for everyone. If you’ve got the money , and are looking for the top thing available, you can find it. .”

Alongside sticker shock, there was an outrage against the revolutionary appearance for the Apex. “The reaction was quite brutal,” admits Jackson. “People took a look at it and said “that’s not a yacht for tournaments and that anything you need to paddle isn’t an official boat for tournaments.’ You must be able to paddle it. The people have gotten used to it being done the same way and as of now, nobody thinks outside the box.

“They do not realize it’s the winner of the tournament boat. This takes your “tournament vessel off the board as regards winning tournaments. My rod holder, electronic mounting method, weight and speed. My thought process is that I’m a huge fan to pedal, however if are looking to win a competition and you’re permitted to use a trolling engine and you’re pedaling in the first place? It’s turn-key for electric or paddle. I’m not sure what the reason is when you’re trying to be a winner in a tournament you must use a pedal ‘.”

The readers should look up the Apex channel on YouTube to watch a walk through how they construct an apex boat. The materials are of the highest quality, and the craftsmanship as well as the team behind the construction is impressive.

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